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At AAT Global Consultant, we leverage our experience to offer comprehensive solutions in auditing, accounting, payroll, inventory management, business analysis, and decision support to empower your expansion and minimise risks. 

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Our Values

We’re A Purpose-Led Business and Finance Advisory Consulting Company

Integrity and Excellence

We adhere to the highest standards of integrity and excellence while offering our services like auditing, financial reporting, offering solutions and more.

Customer Comes First

For us, the customer is the king and we value their satisfaction. We work by understanding your needs and offer tailored solutions to ensure your success.

Adaptable To Innovation

By seeking innovative solutions, we have successfully adapted to the ever-evolving business environment, as a result, we’re always ahead of the market trends.

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Get To Know More About Us

Who we are

We have a decade-long experience in offering a wide range of solutions to businesses. Here’s a quick peek about us:

We are a strong team of specialised finance professionals, Marketing research experts and auditors to help businesses with their financial decision-making. 

The team here uses their expertise and experience to ensure compliance, optimised financial operations and innovative solutions for steady business growth. 

Industries We Serve

Empowering Businesses From 60+ Industries To Navigate Success Smoothly

Through our decade-long experience, we have helped businesses from several industries to navigate success smoothly by making the right business decisions at the right time. Following are a few popular industries we have served:

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Real Estate

With us, ensure optimise your operational costs and consult experts for strategic investment decisions.

02 .


Improve operational efficiency by letting us suggest efficient financial management methods for you.

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We offer strategic financial guidance, streamline project expenditures, and navigate regulatory landscapes.

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Streamline accounting processes, manage inventory efficiently, and enhance cost control measures.

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Logistics and Shipping

The team here offers tailored financial solutions while following the industry’s best practices.

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We manage intricate financial reporting for you, as well as optimise tax strategies and support investments.

Our Services

One Stop for All Your Consulting Queries

Following are the strong suits of our services that help businesses build a feasible tomorrow:

Book A Free Consultation

Confused? Cannot decide if you need a business consultant or not? Let us help! Book a free consultation session. 

Meet our team

Meet Our Profesionals Lawyers

Phil Fooden


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Alex Morgan


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Why Choose Us

Explore Our Unique Difference

AAT Global Consultant is a professional finance and business consulting company! Here are four reasons that make us stand out:

Experienced Consultants

With us, you get to work with experienced consultants. 

Timely Responses

The team is available 24/7 to respond to you timely. 

60+ Industries

No matter your industry, our consultants can help. 

Specialist Team

We have a team of specialists to help you out. 

Hear It From Our Clients

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Contact Us

Get In Touch With Business Consultancy Experts In The UK

Let’s create a tomorrow for all! Get in touch with us and we will help you out with your business-related queries. The team of specialists is always on their toes to respond to your queries. No matter your industry, we are sure, we have the desired expertise to help you succeed.